I want you to be free to sip champagne, giggle with your bridesmaids, smooch on your handsome groom, make memories, and be present in each and every moment. 

Meaningful Moments was started out of a desire to give people the events that they dream of, the piece of mind to sit back and enjoy their special day, and to show everyone that hiring an event planner or day of coordinator is not an exclusive option, but instead a wonderfully affordable partnership.

It's not the day you'll remember, it's the moments. The moments are the memories. 

by definition a moment is a very brief period of time...

A full team of wedding pros at your service.

nice to meet ya!

We are your problem solving, bouquet holding, drink refilling, groomsmen wrangling, mother calming, hold your dress while you pee type of gals....

Loving our brides is so easy to do. We are happy to help with a wide array of tasks on your wedding day and count ourselves extremely blessed to be a part of so many special moments.